Student Materials Distribution

Student Materials Distribution
Posted on 08/06/2020

Dear Del Rey Families,

Students will receive their school tools, textbooks and Chromebooks (if applicable) on the following days assigned to each grade level. 

Drive through the back parking lot on your assigned day and stay in your car. A staff member will bring everything to you. Please check the schedule below.

TK/Kindergarten/1st Grade: 
Monday, August 10th from 10am to 2pm

2nd Grade/3rd Grade/SDC (Scott)
Tuesday, August 11 from 1pm to 4pm

Wednesday, August 12  

4th Grade/5th Grade/6th Grade/SDC 4-6 (Shackleford)
Thursday, August 13 from 10am to 2pm

Make Ups (Open to All Grades)
Friday, August 14 from 10am-2pm

Please call our school office if you have any questions about this. Our number is 760-245-7941.